Wake Up Gently to the Sound of Nature

I absolutely love the feeling of waking up to birds singing in the cool summer breeze. Sleeping with the windows open, here in the northeastern United States, allows my body to be gently lulled awake as distant birds stretch their wings in search of an early morning snack.

Countless studies have proven the abrupt sound of a typical alarm clock causes you to feel tired, run-down, and may induce headaches. I have avoided these unpleasant feelings for years ensuring I always wake up gently to the sound of nature. When weather does not allow for the windows to remain open, or when I must be awake by a certain time, I rely on special high-quality recordings in lieu of Mother Natuer herself.

The recordings below are each one or two hours in length. Each original recording is accompanied by three others altered to gradually increase their volume (or “fade in”) from 0db (complete silence) to their full volume over time.

How to determine your new alarm time:

  1. Pick a awake time using the time you need to wake up: 8:00 AM
  2. Your waking duration is the amount of time to lull your body awake: 30 minutes
  3. The alarm time is your waking duration subtracked from your awake time: 7:30 AM

How to use the recordings:

  1. Listen to each Sample to find a recording you enjoy;
  2. Download the Original version (used to set volumes);
  3. Download the version with a fade-in time equal to your waking_ duration;
  4. Play the Original version on your alarm clock to find a comfortable full volume level; and,
  5. Set your alarm clock to play the version with the fade at your alarm time (above).

Example: Actual time I must wake up by: 8:00 AM Duration to lull my body awake: 30 minutes Alarm’s time (start playing MP3): 7:30 AM Backup alarm’s time: 8:15 AM (on critical days) Note: On critical days, I generally set a backup alarm, using a separate device, for 10-15 minutes after my awake time. The backup alarm does not use a gradual volume increase. This ensures I’ll be awake even on those days when I’m too tired to hear my alarm clock.

Rememeber to grab the original version! I recommend also using the original version of the selected track to set the volume of your alarm clock or listening device. This will help prevent selecting a volume that is too quiet to actually wake you.

Available Tracks Relaxing Bird Songs in Wood Birds Chirping (64 min total) Original | Sample | 10 min fade-in | 30 min fade-in | 60 min fade-in

Forest Birdsong – Birds Chirping (120 min total) Original | Sample | 10 min fade-in | 30 min fade-in | 60 min fade-in

Meditation Music Relax Mind Body (64 min total) Original | Sample | 10 min fade-in | 30 min fade-in | 60 min fade-in

Please let me know if there are any other sounds or tracks that might help you with this technique. My email address is: