Bixby Killed Samsung (for Me)

I’ve been writing software now for 36 years and have been focused on mobile apps for 12 of them. And, like many geeks, I’ve had every iPhone since the day it was released. However, a couple of years ago, I switched from iPhone to Android because of Samsung Mobile’s S7 Edge. It was the first Android phone that felt completely… natural in my hand. I also switched from my Apple Watch to the S2 and then the S3 (which I feel are infinitely better than the Apple Watch). When the S8 came out, I was confident that I would never switch phones again. And then came Bixby. I Hate BIXBY so much that I switched to an LG G6 just to get rid of the Bixby button. I now have THREE brand new S8 units, my S2 watch, my S3 watch, and two Gear VR headsets sitting in a drawer collecting dust. Have I considered the Samsung Galaxy S9? Of course I have. I loved my Galaxy & Frontier devices. However, until I can completely disable Bixby, I will never go back to Samsung.

I’m curious how many feel the same way.