Remote Til COVID?

Remote Til COVID?


Those three words are a joke. Unfortunately, I am still constantly bombarded by recruiters trying to use the “pandemic” as an excuse to shoehorn candidates into positions they wouldn’t normally take. It’s so much of a pain that I actually set up an autoresponder to direct those incoming recruiters to a dedicated domain I setup:

Part of the job search for most people is asking yourself if you want to tackle that morning commute. Why would you take a position not knowing when or where you would be going into the office?

And forget the commute. What about the office environment in general? Imagine the worst possible office conditions you can dream up. Now, while I doubt any office would be as bad as that, in theory, it very well could be. So, why would you agree to work in an office you have never seen before?

And what about the wacko politicians making vaccine mandates and laws on the fly? How do you know what hoop you will have to jump through next or when?

In short, I don’t ever see myself going back to the office. This COVID thing is not going away anytime soon. There is no way I would even discuss a position with may involve an office anytime in the next decade.

I need to do my best in a position. That means focusing and not worrying about random variables I cannot control.