A bit messy and less interesting than I had hoped. But, the list needs to start somewhere, sooo….




Most oilive oils you find are fake… even the expensive ones. Entimio is a bit more expensive than what you’ll normally find in the States, but it is worth it.



Essentially, eBay for watches. Lost count of how many I’ve bought from Chrono24. The escrow feature, combined with the ability to hand-pick sellers by their reputation, is perfect.

Sakura Watches

The second of two sites I buy JDM watches from. This one is bigger, a bit bloated, and the more “corporate” of the two.


The first site I found for JDM watches. Rumor has it a fellow watch addict runs the site. I guess that makes it feel a bit more personal than the other Japan site I use.




Most developers know what Font Awesome is; a SVG/CSS toolkit for building web sites. Heroicons is that. The icons in Heroicons, however, feel a bit more subdued and better-suited for LOB applciations.


Essentially, Unsplash is a royalty-free version of Getty Images.



Everything you love about Microsoft Project but without the Project ugliness, clunkiness, and Windows-only crapola getting in your way.


Hands down, this is the best SSH client on the planet. I started using Termius when I wanted to build a full dev environment on an iPad. Termius allows you to store all of your keys and hosts in a cloud-based configuration and then sync them on any number of Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, or iOS devices. Oh, and you can share your SSH sessions without having to give someone your keys or credentials.