My Last Non-Compete Expires In:


About who? Me!?!? Hmmm…

Let’s see. I’m 5’6″ with short brown hair, green eyes …

Not sure what people stick on a personal “about” page.

You probably found me because of software development. So, you already know I’m a geek and thrive on writing code.

My biggest “hobby” at the moment is building a THOW (“tiny house on wheels”) with my wife. You can see more of that project at TinyTogether.Com. Other than that, I’m fairly addicted to skydiving, hang gliding, motorcycles, martial arts, music… stuff that’s probably more interesting to me than anyone else.

Prior to all of that, I was in the military. I enlisted in the Army decades ago for the infantry in Desert Storm (11C – Mortars). A few years later I found my way to Parris Island for the Marines with a focus on law. And, of course, my wife is also a Marine.

Feel free to look around. I can’t say this site is a huge priority for me, but I do update it whenever something comes to mind. So, feel free to shoot me a question if you have one.

Until then …