Watch Me Code, Baby!

If you work on multi-tier software development or SaaS in any way, there are two things you probably should be doing:

  1. Move to MEAN Stack (if you can, obviously); and,
  2. Subscribe to WatchMeCode.Com... regardless of #1!

WatchMeCode.Com (or "WMC" for short) is run by Derick Bailey; a former Telerik employee turned entrepreneur and mentor. Derick is a an ExpressJS and JavaScript guru. For less than $1 per day you will receive weekly bite-size videos on sequential topics for most of the stack as well as access to a members-only Slack forum where his brain... as well as several other members'... is on-tap virtually 24/7.

Not a MEAN Stack developer? No worries! He goes through other topics as well... Rabbit MQ, dealing with Amazon Web Services & S3, and other concepts that are useful on almost any platform.

So even if you're not a MEAN Stack developer... even if you have no plans to jump from the Microsoft bandwagon... his service will still benefit you regularly. I dare say that it is almost life-changing. I've picked up so many good ideas over the past 18 months of membership that I can honestly say I will happily pay my monthly fee as long as his service exists.

You RAWK, Derick!