Cool Utility: Divvy

I've been using a cool utility, called "Divvy", for a few years now to automagically divide up my screen into grids... 2-up, 4-up, 9-up, full screen, centered, etc. It's priceless on the Mac and works better than Microsoft's shortcuts in Windows:

Divvy for Mac OS X by Mizage - Screencast from Mizage on Vimeo.

For your convenience, I've exported my settings to help get folks started. The settings are stored in one long URI, aaaaaand that URI is in a plain ole text file:

And, you might want the author's doc on importing and exporting, so you know this is legit: http://mizage.clarify...

Basically, if you're on a Mac, simply install Divvy and then past the contents of the text file (remember, it's a URL) into Safari (for some reason it won't work in Chrome).

Even though Divvy is available for both Mac & Windows, I could not find any docs detailing how to import the shortcuts in Windows.

Anyway, enjoy. =)